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How Often Should I Have My Eyes Examined?

Unless your optometrist recommends otherwise, you should have your eyes examined every two years or every year if over sixty-five. Apart from checking for any vision deficits during eye examinations. Our optometrists will provide an inspection of internal and external eye structures. These inspections may reveal conditions or diseases that, while not requiring immediate treatment or referral to an ophthalmologist, may need more frequent monitoring.

Do I Need A Referral?

You do not need a referral to have an eye examination with an optometrist.

Can I Wear Contact Lenses?

Most people can wear contact lenses – age is no barrier. Because our visual ability changes with age, contact lens options will vary from person to person depending on your expectations and the purpose for which you want to wear contact lenses.

Will I Need Eye Drops?

In certain cases, eye drops will be required to facilitate an eye examination. Occasionally, it may not be possible or appropriate to instill eye drops during your initial visit to our practice. A subsequent appointment will need to be arranged if this is the case.

Will I Be Bulk Billed?

We bulk-bill all patients 65 and older. A Medicare rebate is available to those patients paying a fee. The rebate is paid directly into your nominated debit account at the time of payment.

Can I Make A Health Fund Claim?

Yes, you can claim your health fund rebate directly on-site, saving you precious time and energy. Ensure you have your health fund card with you when you come in to pick-up your spectacles. If you have a question that is not answered here, our friendly staff are more than happy to help.

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